About Sparkling Matters

Imagine having a housekeeper, a laundry, a party caterer, handy-man and a trusted emergency key-holder - as and when you need them, at a fraction of the cost of hiring full time staff.

That's the level of service we offer at Sparkling Matters. We take time to evaluate your individual needs so that we can manage your property as you would do yourself, even if you spend a lot of time away.


We are very experienced at looking after desirable, period properties and we understand their unique requirements. Whether it's silverware, brass, polished wood or delicate ornaments, our experienced staff team have the knowledge and the tools to keep your beloved home in the condition that it deserves.

 Nina Harris has a long history in the hotel industry and cut her teeth working in  5 star country-house hotels. She prides herself on noticing the little things that turn an acceptable job into an immaculate one. She took that attention to detail and her ethos of mindful diligence and created Sparkling Matters.